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Insight: The Magic of Knowing What To Do

Insight noun

  1. the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.
    "his mind soared to previously unattainable heights of insight"

Coaching enables me to see things from a different perspective, then from another and another. It’s like a mirrored room that allows you to see everything from every angle until your picture is finally one of total truth.

With hindsight, we can now see how the world is shaped. However, it took years until the ancient Greeks linked the pieces to see the full picture of the Earths shape. It seems funny now that we have a different perspective. How on earth did we not see it? With insight, we get the truth, which helps us navigate better.

I remember working one Sunday with a team from my lift company in Canary Wharf. I had taken myself away to have my own coaching session over the phone. I started the session by sharing how pissed I was about spending the weekend working on a business that I had no passion for, and my frustration at how long my coaching business was taking to pick up.

My coach gave me insight to see the truth: I was going the right way. Like traffic in the city, you can spend all your time trying to find shortcuts, but you may have already been on the fastest route. It may be slow, but it’s still the quickest way.

I approached work that day more like I would traffic. I got a coffee, turned some music on, and enjoyed the ride. The things we see with insight may not change what we do, but they might change how we see what we’re doing and align it better.

Just like journey planning, the course needs to be reviewed. Gaining insight allows this to be done effectively. Are you just in traffic and traveling on the right route? If we gave you some insight, what would you see differently? Would you course correct on a different journey to live your life by design rather than default?

Are you actually lost and wasting time whistling out the window when you could be changing direction? In our day-to-day lives, it's often hard to get this insight as we have our heads down and moving unconsciously. One of the things insight does is wake us up and make us look at things from a different perspective. When you have a map, or a system, to help you navigate your life, finding faults and improving them becomes easier.

Traveling with a map and compass provides insight into where you are and where you want to be. Consider the vision and clarity you have while navigating through your life. Ask yourself the following questions to see if you're living by design or default.

Questions to help you think differently:

  • If I gave you a magic wand how would you change your life? If so how and what would you do differently?
  • If you only had a year to live, what 20% would you do less of and what 20% would you do more of in your life?
  • What activities would you continue to do even if you weren't paid?



Kone Plc


Mat's coaching opened up a side of me that I hadn't previously considered. He taught me to accept my insecurities and use them to grow as a person in my business and personal life.

Boosting my confidence, ability to speak up, and being more assertive have been the greatest impacts on my life. This has helped me within the business massively.

Letting go to get.

Working on myself and with clients I've noticed some common links that appear, from wanting more happiness and joy in life to developing a career or business. The links and limitations are all connected to a form of "letting go to get".  Most of us are geared around "getting" as default system, inherited through generations going back to our caveman ancestors.

Nature and the garden "let go to get" in Autumn when the tree's shed all old leaves.   Without disconnecting energy to areas that no longer serve it the tree's and plants would not be able to create and grow.  In personal growth the same  applies.

Yoga & Meditation are great teacher's in "letting go".  To achieve success we need to release all of our thoughts, air and energy to enable us to fully relax.  This allows us to get into positions or a state of mind which we desire.  All the time we have tension or thoughts in our mind we are unable to reach a place of bliss or our body's cannot relax and stretch to a deeper place.

In Business a system of "letting go to get" is found if effective delegation.  In business growth, creating a system to branch out, cover a greater area or automating department is only done if you can have and effective system to leave other people in control.  The systems of agreements and processes we put in place are essential, but unless Managers can "let go" with this, they will be limited and never "get" the desired outcome of growth or automation that they or the company require.

Start your week with a list of "letting go's" and see how you get on.  

Trust that happiness, joy, bliss and peace are all available in the present moment.  If we took a second to "let go" of our thoughts,  expectations, blame or fears we would find them uncovered for us to enjoy.  

Take some quality time to review your goals and list some key elements of "letting go" that would help them evolve better.  Sometimes just the insight is enough to know you need to approach things differently, maybe  you've have been holding onto a system or habit that no longer serves you.

Good luck letting go, to allow more of you to show up in the world.

MOM (Moments Of Magic)

How do you quantify how well you spend your time?  It's more important than money, business and all the other stuff we measure yet there is no clear value or indicator that we have to be able to say "we are having the time of our life".  I've developed my own method which is known as "moment’s of magic" aka MOM%.  I use this in life to be more aware of when these moments occur so that I can get the most value from them. 

In the lift industry we measure an engineers performance by what we call the "Installation Time Efficiency" (ITE).  You take the number of hours allocated, to the number of hours taken, to give a measure of how efficient % the installation time is. We then can use this data to make changes in company training,  processes and engineering to help improve the process to allow us find the most efficient way to install the lift.

In so many other area's such as business, health or nutrition we have a form of measurement to help us make improvements and assess how well we are living.  Your car for instance can tell you how well you're driving but who can tell you how well this moment is being spent?

If you were graded on your last hour how effective was it in terms of MOM% (Moments Of Magic)? How would you be doing?

I remember looking in the mirror when I was working towards qualifying as a Personal Coach and thinking, we are all working on movement in life.  I couldn't remember the last time I smiled that day.  How well was I applying my learning to improving my own "moments of magic" over my need to earn an income.

Take a minute and check how you are spending your seconds in the world.  Be aware of the moments that are running through your hands and make sure you don't knowingly wasting any more.

The secret is in being present,  being in the now and slowing into everything that is happening as it happens rather than loosing yourself in a time travel of thought.

Spend well my friends!

Coaching for True Colour

One of the skills of a good coach is working like a washing machine,  to  get back and uncover your true natural self.  

To do this some of us need a quick rinse,  while others need a heavy soaking and some whip arse stain remover.   The aim is getting too what's lying within, to remind ourselves how amazing we are and let the world see what true magic we hold within.

We spend our life rubbing against minds and habits of others.  From the day we are born we are submissively left in the hands of parents and guardians.  They do the best they can with the skills and knowledge they have.

I like the thought that everyone means well,  we are simply doing the best we can with the tools and mindset we have.  Unfortunately other fears,  doubts, insecurities, expectations and belief get transferred to those we are around.

Our pure self gets contaminated over time, sometimes we'll have a clear memory of a single moment, a point that changed us and covered a bit of our beauty that can no longer be seen.  However most of the time it's just a slow process, by the ones we are close to, our parents,  grandparents,  neighbours, media and Schooling.    

Working on myself I developed systems and habits to cultivate change in me, as well as my clients.  The truth is most things are reversible,  with all of the things life has thrown at us we can wash the mind like weeding the garden and disconnect the narrative that stains us.  We simply get back to the truth and if this really isn't by design then we can choose to engineer change if we desire.      

Take time and think about some of the things you have that you wouldn't choose to have.  Where did they come from and what would life be like if you found a way of "letting-go-to-get" back to the real you?