Mindset Reset 

Are you a leader who cares and wants to get the very best from you and your team? 

To turn up each day with certainty, calm and confidence and experience joybliss and happiness in work & life.

Group Workshop

See, feel or hear overwhelm, conflict and self abuse going on in your team.  Have a feeling that limiting beliefs and low self worth maybe holding some of the team back from being and enjoying their very best, in work and life?  

Get back!! to the optimum of "your best you".

 with a "Mindset Reset" Workshop 

To master anything we must first understand the mechanics of it.  From playing the piano, stand-up comedy or fighting in the octogon, they all operate from a set of principles.  Our optimum state of mind is the same and for us to keep it in any weather we must master what makes it, how it can be effected and learn and master the art of staying in it. 

Just like our physical health we're effected when challenged and our ability and to GET BACK!! is key.  This optimum state and recovery rate can be protected, exercised, improved and perfected to help us get the very best of us in every second we live


  • FEAR
  • SAD

TO THIS......

  • CALM

1 Day Workshop: 

Teams of 6

We explore the componenets in obtaining an optimum state of mind. We call this our stance and like a boxer it's the form kept, to maximize potential and power.

Master the villans of mind like ego, attachments, limiting beliefs, conflict, overwhelm and self worth.

You take away a dashboard worksheet to remind you of the day as well a fault log to notice area's you want to work on in the Personal follow up 1:1 Coaching Session included.

1:1 Coaching Sessions: 

Begin the Mastery.

A follow up Online Coaching Session is included for each member to dig deeper. 

Get to unpack real events and situations in work and life.  Begin to find real freedom of mind or use the time to get movement in business or life.

"I highly recommend them." Thank you Mat

The workshops and Coaching Sessions have been instrumental in developing and efficient system and highly effective team. which I am extremely proud of. 

Rhys Davis  //  Lift & Escalator Manager, Canary Wharf Group Plc

Mat Jeffery // Personal & Business Coach

Lives in Kent with his Wife and two kids.  He owns and supports various business including Lift Engineering where he grew up in the family business. 

Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal Coaching and also supports in his local area through Community Projects & Workshops.

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"He helped me to clarify my dreams and passions.  Encouraging me to dream big but see that every dream was actually achievable."

My first coaching session with Mat made me think about my issues from a practical and manageable perspective. Helping me to outline key steps that I could follow to improve things including my relationship with my partner. Drawing on analogies from his past career in mechanical engineering is a unique approach, but one that even in one session really worked for me. He also helped me to clarify my dreams and passions. Encouraging me to dream big but see that every dream was actually achievable. I highly recommend Mat to anyone seeking to destroy limiting beliefs and to kickstart taking action.

Anish Bhavsar  //  Creative Production and Sales Account Manager

"He took time to understand me, what I am looking for, what I believe my strengths are and what I don't want"

I really appreciate the time Mat gave to me, to help me explore and identify where my mindset was holding me back from realizing my potential. One of the most important components of our time together was the concept of centering. Like a plum line, we all need to centre ourselves. Having Mat give me ideas about how to get back to centre has been a really valuable part of our time.

He also took time to understand me, what I am looking for, what I believe my strengths are and what I don't want. His questions made me think, reflect and consider my answers. I wasn't able to answer anything right away as his style made me pause.

I would definitely approach Mat again as the need for coaching support comes up in the future.

Richard MacLaren  //  Operations Manage

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