MOM (Moments Of Magic)

How do you quantify how well you spend your time?  It's more important than money, business and all the other stuff we measure yet there is no clear value or indicator that we have to be able to say "we are having the time of our life".  I've developed my own method which is known as "moment’s of magic" aka MOM%.  I use this in life to be more aware of when these moments occur so that I can get the most value from them. 

In the lift industry we measure an engineers performance by what we call the "Installation Time Efficiency" (ITE).  You take the number of hours allocated, to the number of hours taken, to give a measure of how efficient % the installation time is. We then can use this data to make changes in company training,  processes and engineering to help improve the process to allow us find the most efficient way to install the lift.

In so many other area's such as business, health or nutrition we have a form of measurement to help us make improvements and assess how well we are living.  Your car for instance can tell you how well you're driving but who can tell you how well this moment is being spent?

If you were graded on your last hour how effective was it in terms of MOM% (Moments Of Magic)? How would you be doing?

I remember looking in the mirror when I was working towards qualifying as a Personal Coach and thinking, we are all working on movement in life.  I couldn't remember the last time I smiled that day.  How well was I applying my learning to improving my own "moments of magic" over my need to earn an income.

Take a minute and check how you are spending your seconds in the world.  Be aware of the moments that are running through your hands and make sure you don't knowingly wasting any more.

The secret is in being present,  being in the now and slowing into everything that is happening as it happens rather than loosing yourself in a time travel of thought.

Spend well my friends!

Mat Jeffery

Lives in Kent with his family and is the owner and partner in various business involved in Lift Engineering and Life Engineering. Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal coaching and also supports in his community as a volunteer through his Charity.