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Welcome to the “Life Engineer” Find the links to life in everything from lift engineering, boxing, architecture and gardening.   

Mat interviews guests to unpack and share the tools, components, and software that’s needed to build a life and mindset by design vs one of default.

A place to grow

Whatever direction you choose the space will be one you grow in.  It wont be him her or them that shows up it will be 100% you.  As you know you and grow you the world will see the essence of who you are show up and this is where your success will ultimatly come from.

New Systems & Software

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.  We will find and engineer the software,  tools and components to help you engineer the outcomes you desire.

Insight & direction

A space to see differently allows you to turn up and make decisions based on a better clearer view on things.  Everything from where you have been coming from to the next steps in moving forward will be the vision and direction you will gain.  


Your results are made up from your mindset and actions.  These are the surface results of all the places you are coming from beneth the surface and this is where we will work on.  When you do how you show up and take action will change your results and we will reverse engineer from your dreams and desires.

There's pain in both

taking action! or not taking action! 

What one are you going to choose?

Why work with a Coach?....in my experience clients need to see the truth in what taking action and not taking action means.  

There is pain in not eating a yummy dognut but also there is pain in choosing to eat it.  Maybe your overweight and suffer the daily pain of your clothes being tight, to touch your toes,  feeling tired and out of breath,  to role around and play with your kids,  other health issues,  poor sex drive,  low self esteem,  poor motivation, overwhelm etc etc etc.  What we have touched on is the pain in eating to many dognuts yet we dont see that when paused to make a decisions.


My ask is only that you consider this.  

If you take no action towards the reason thats brought you to even reading this then what would be the pain you would still be suffering in another year of failing to move forward effectivly?.

Consider against the pain of taking action,  commiting to work with me and allow the space to unpack and help you grow.  What would this feel like if you made effective change and choices to move you to and grow towards all the things you desire in your life or buisiness.

We have to make choices from the truth and not from what we want or don't want and when we do that we find control and can effectivly build and engineer a mindset and lifestyle by design vs one of default.

What clients have said

 Lewis Hardman

 Construction Manager

Kone Plc 

The coaching has boosted my confidence & ability to speak out and be more assertive. This has helped me within the business massively.

By identifying specific processes and putting them into an everyday useable tool, I was able to focus on doing the right thing and manage my time and thoughts efficiently.

 Martin Ling 

 Football Manager 

Mat and his mind Coaching changed my life for the better when I first met Mat I was in a deep depression but his methods helped me enormously and gave me my confidence back and get back functioning in the real world.

I will take away that the mind is an unbelievable complex piece of equipment but if you train it right it can be of great advantage in your daily living.


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