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Business Flow?
What's in the way?
Poor Systems
No process's, out of date systems,  no clear steps,  no onboarding,  poor training systems, no accountability, no logic, not customer focused.
Poor Leadership
Poor direction, lack of honesty, no or poor effective feedback,  no ownership, poor people skills, poor time managment, dictating rather than delegating, personal conflict, lack of integrity.
Limiting Beliefs, Self Doubt, Conflict, Tension,  Upperlimits, Imposter Syndrome  
Stress, Anxiety, Uncertainty, People Pleasing, Panic, Worry
Inefficiency, Frustration, Overload, Unbalanced, Exhaustion, Burnout, Unfulfilled
Are you and the team ready for Business Flow & MMA Mastery?
Calm, happy, joyful, clear, peaceful, positive  
Action, traction, movement, progress, results, growth
Balance, flow, purpose, power, direction, fulfilment
Is your team ready to grow to find flow?
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Our Solution
Keep it black and white for a colourful life
Business Flow 
We help you break your business down and find the 6 primary steps needed for flow. We then step deeper into unpacking them into 36 and then further to provide up to 216 steps that the business should take.
The following documents are some that will make up your Business Flow Workbook.
  1. Business Flow Pathway (Steps to take)
  2. WIP Review
  3. Employee Interface
  4. Project Planner
  5. Org Chart
People Grow
1:1 Coaching & MMA Mastery
The Business Flow Workbook gives us what our Coach calls "straight lines" (the truth).

We use this to get started and look for "the work" in your company. This is where we Coach with 3 Principles of #Mindset #Movement and #Alignment helps fill the gaps.

We find the areas that need attention and help you shift and change where you’re coming from with Alignment and Mindset as well as your habits to improve Movement.

When you can improve the principles of MMA, you really do become the unstoppable you.

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The Business-Flow-Workbook helped me transition into my team and role seamlessly.  In my last role I came into work feeling 0-3 down and every day was a mountain to climb.  I now start every day feeling 2-0 up and ready to keep winning.  I feel others should have the opportunity to feel the same way.

Eze Emweke Lift & Escalator Service Manager - Canary Wharf

What is flow?

From making a cup of tea to winning the World Cup, you will find a system behind the success. Look at my analogies of boxing, gardening, and engineering, and you will find a system and process within each element.

The key is finding and practicing this series of habits or formulas that will guide you to a successful outcome over and over again. These set pieces, formulas, ingredients, processes, systems, and designs can be applied to your service to offer the very best. They can also be implemented within systems and teams to be able to scale and grow within a framework of stance, truth to align with.

Our process is designed to help you and your team in extracting this and documenting it into a Business-Flow-Workbook together with a series of systems for your employees, managers, and departments to function within. The aim is to get everyone, from the customer to the cleaner, to experience a flow state.


Welcome to the “Life Engineer”. Find the links to building a better life .   

Mat interviews guests to unpack and share the tools, components, and software that’s needed to build a life and mindset by design vs. one of default.

There's Pain in both...

Taking action! or Not! 

Which one are you going to choose?

Why work with a Coach?

In my experience, clients need to see the truth in what taking action and not taking action means.

There appears to be no pain in eating a yummy doughnut, but there is. Maybe you're overweight and suffer the daily pain of:

  • Your clothes being tight,
  • Touching your toes,
  • Feeling tired and out of breath,
  • Being unable to play with your kids,
  • Other health issues like poor sex drive, low self esteem, poor motivation, overwhelm, etc.

These are just some of the pains of eating too many doughnuts, yet we don't see that when we pause to make decisions.


My only ask is that you consider this... 

What pain would you still be suffering after another year of failing to move forward effectively if you take no action on the reason that has brought you to even read this?

Consider this against the pain of taking action, committing to work with me, and allowing the space to unpack and help you grow. What would it feel like if you made effective changes and choices to move you to and grow towards all the things you desire in your life or business?

We have to make choices from the truth and not on what we want or don't want, and when we do that, we find control and can effectively build and engineer a mindset and lifestyle by design vs. one by default.

What our clients have said

 Lewis Hardman

 Construction Manager

Kone Plc 

The coaching has boosted my confidence & ability to speak out and be more assertive. This has helped me within the business massively.

By identifying specific processes and putting them into an everyday useable tool, I was able to focus on doing the right thing and manage my time and thoughts efficiently.

 Martin Ling 

 Football Manager 

Mat and his mind Coaching changed my life for the better when I first met Mat I was in a deep depression but his methods helped me enormously and gave me my confidence back and get back functioning in the real world.

I will take away that the mind is an unbelievable complex piece of equipment but if you train it right it can be of great advantage in your daily living.


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