What is Coaching?

What if true success only ever came from within? you can purchase everything that has a price tag and plan and schedule everything that can be scheduled yet somehow still feel unfulfilled, lacking, lazy, heavy and wondering whether if this is as good as it gets. 

Coaching provides a platform to work within, to unpack and promote the self.  For someone to stop looking outside for answers and start to work within and align our choices with our True North.  

"What if true Success  only ever came from within?"

We have been brought up to conform within set boundaries and from the day we started school we have looked for guidance in systems and processes to guide our direction.  We have been managed and marketed to with no real question to what we believe within and when we look to make decisions we look outside of ourselves to find acceptance and assurance.

Life Coaching provides the space to unpack and work on the true you.  To find alignment and connection to your real self and to promote and practice working from the heart rather than the mind.  To connect and be empowered by our true self is the only way to achieve our full potential.  

What Coaching isn't

Consultants will give you specific answers like what size steel beam is needed to hold up your roof

Counselling will ask you how that makes you feel and get you to understand your feelings

Mentors will tell you what they would do and how they succeeded and if they were you what they would do.

How would you feel it coaching worked? and took you to or towards the place you have dreamed about.  Whatever your journey a Life Coach is just like the one with wheels and a driver.  The goal is the destination, but with this journey, your outcome or destination is set by you and only you.  

What you take from coaching cant be wrong as its from within you and when you understand and practice this then your life will change for the best 🙂

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