Letting go to get.

Working on myself and with clients I've noticed some common links that appear, from wanting more happiness and joy in life to developing a career or business. The links and limitations are all connected to a form of "letting go to get".  Most of us are geared around "getting" as default system, inherited through generations going back to our caveman ancestors.

Nature and the garden "let go to get" in Autumn when the tree's shed all old leaves.   Without disconnecting energy to areas that no longer serve it the tree's and plants would not be able to create and grow.  In personal growth the same  applies.

Yoga & Meditation are great teacher's in "letting go".  To achieve success we need to release all of our thoughts, air and energy to enable us to fully relax.  This allows us to get into positions or a state of mind which we desire.  All the time we have tension or thoughts in our mind we are unable to reach a place of bliss or our body's cannot relax and stretch to a deeper place.

In Business a system of "letting go to get" is found if effective delegation.  In business growth, creating a system to branch out, cover a greater area or automating department is only done if you can have and effective system to leave other people in control.  The systems of agreements and processes we put in place are essential, but unless Managers can "let go" with this, they will be limited and never "get" the desired outcome of growth or automation that they or the company require.

Start your week with a list of "letting go's" and see how you get on.  

Trust that happiness, joy, bliss and peace are all available in the present moment.  If we took a second to "let go" of our thoughts,  expectations, blame or fears we would find them uncovered for us to enjoy.  

Take some quality time to review your goals and list some key elements of "letting go" that would help them evolve better.  Sometimes just the insight is enough to know you need to approach things differently, maybe  you've have been holding onto a system or habit that no longer serves you.

Good luck letting go, to allow more of you to show up in the world.

Mat Jeffery

Lives in Kent with his family and is the owner and partner in various business involved in Lift Engineering and Life Engineering. Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal coaching and also supports in his community as a volunteer through his Charity.