Insight noun

  1. the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.
    "his mind soared to previously unattainable heights of insight"

Coaching helps me to see things differently,  a place to see things from a different angle, perspective and then from another and another.  Like a mirrored room that allows you to see everything and every angle until your picture is finally one of total truth.

We can see now with hindsight how the Earth is built however it took years until the ancient Greeks linked the pieces to see the full picture of how the Earth is shaped.  

Seems funny now we have a different view.  How on Earth did we not see it?

Is the Earth  round?

Imagine if we could have elevated mankind all them years ago to see the from a better place.  

With insight we get  truth which helps us navigate   better.

I remember one Sunday I had a team from my lift business in Canary Wharf, London working, I'de taken myself away as I had my own coaching session over the phone.  I started the session by noting how pissed I was that I'm spending the weekend working on a business that I had no passion for and sharing my frustration at how long my coaching business was taking to pick up.

My coach got me to elevate and see the truth.  The way I was going was the right way,  like traffic in the City you can spend all kinds of ways trying to short cut but you may simply have always been on the fastest route,  it maybe slow but still the fastest route.  

I approached it more like I would traffic,  I got a coffee,  turned the music on and enjoyed the ride.  Some of the things we see with insight won't make us change what we do,  but maybe how we see what we are doing and align it better to serve us.

Just like journey planning the course needs to be reviewed due to various aspect and gaining insight allows this to be effective.

Are you just in traffic and traveling on the right route or if we raised your level of insight would you see different and course correct on a different journey to life more true, by design rather than default?

Are you actually lost and waisting time whistling out the window when you could be changing direction.  In our day to day life it's often hard to get this vision as we have our head down unconsciously moving.

One of the things good questions does is wake us up and look at things from a different place.

When you have a map and system to navigate within your life or business then fault finding and developing it becomes easier.

Traveling with a map and compass provides insight into where you are and where you want to be depending on the level of grid referencing you can achieve.  

Have a think about the vision and clarity you have while navigating through your life and ask yourself some good questions like below to see if your living by design or default.

Three questions to help you think differently

  • If I gave you a magic wand how would you change your life and if so how and what would you do differently?
  • If you only had a year to live what 20% would you do less of and what 20% would you do more of in life?
  • List activities that give you energy and enthusiasm and you would keep doing without being paid?



Kone Plc


Coaching with Mat helped to build my confidence, bring out the best in me, give me clear direction for the future and ultimately improved my mental health.

The coaching opened up a side to me that I hadn't given thought to previously. It taught me to accept my insecurities and use them to build on being a better person in business and in my private life.

What worked well was identifying specific processes and putting them into an everyday useable tool, I was able to focus on doing the right thing and manage my time and thoughts efficiently.

The most impact to my life and the business was boosting my confidence & ability to speak out and be more assertive. This has helped me within the business massively.

Coaching with Mat was Useful, effective, efficient, fun, eye-opening and put a spring in my step, a new clear direction for the future and an ability to get the most out of my opportunities.

Thanks Mat, you've really made a difference here!

Mat Jeffery

Lives in Kent with his family and is the owner and partner in various business involved in Lift Engineering and Life Engineering. Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal coaching and also supports in his community as a volunteer through his Charity.