3 x  >2 1:1 Hour Session 

This allows us both to spend some time unpacking and understand some fundamentals as well as getting clear defined movement in the right direction. You will leave crystal clear and focused and plan on moving forward in the right direction for you or your team.  You will have made movement and unpacked limitations and strengths that can help you get good forward movement.

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  • Clarity of outcomes
  • Clearly defined path forward
  • Understanding limitations 
  • Insight or reminder of key strengths and skills moving forward
  • Course Correction

    6 x >2h 1:1 Coaching Sessions

    A program to engineer a Life by Design vs Default

    Take decisive action and finally invest in something worthwhile......You!! 

    This package is guaranteed to help you course correct and move to a life by design and engineer a system and mindset to do this while enjoying life like never before.

    This package is the most common and gives client some of the following

    • Understanding your Purpose
    • Clear direction in Life
    • Effective goal setting system to ensure movement
    • Awareness of Strengths & Weakness (Superpower vs Kryptonite)
    • Definite Movement towards a dream come true
    • Accountability calls
    • Goal Setting System
    • Breakdown and organisation of area's of Business or Life