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Have you got your team ready for Remote Working?

For the last 20 years I’ve been working remotely in a cabin at the end of my garden, developing businesses and coaching other people 1:1. Originally coming from a large, comfy corporate firm and then owning small independents, means that I’ve suffered every pain there is when adjusting to working remotely. I’ve worked from beautiful beaches with a laptop on my knees, to less glamorous situations where I’ve had to set up an iPad on a wheelie bin. I found some ways of working remotely effective, and others made me want to blow my brains out!

I’m here to offer support to business owners, as well as individuals who’ve found themselves stumbling through the darkness that can be remote working, due to the current social distancing measures that are in place. On this page you’ll find surprisingly frank, yet useful insight and tips to help you and your business adapt to the current circumstances.

"In the office everyone generally had equal basic tools that enabled them to operate effectively but this has changed."

a Game Changer

The rules have changed.

In an office environment people generally have the basic tools that enable them to operate effectively -  but this has now changed.

No longer do people have the same support systems and social groups around them whilst having to work from home however, we find that many people are still expected to follow the same set of rules regardless of the wildly different environments they are now working from.

Just like a boxer who fights within the Queensbury rules in the confines of a standard size ring, we normally have an office designed to offer the same safe and uniformed standards.  A code of practice in the office that may protect you from people screaming at full volume in your ear when you are taking a call in the office, may not be a rule that everyone is willing to understand and abide by when working from home with kids, pets, partners, or other relatives in tow.

Working remotely does have advantages that you can align yourself with, as well as some dangers that you need to protect yourself against to ensure that you thrive during this period. New flexible arrangements can be made, especially while COVID-19 is present, that allow you to have a fair and even fight on your hands rather than feeling left out in the wild for the wolves.  Working on providing new rules and effectively protecting oneself can help you stay productive and not go mad due to the new challenges that remote working and isolation can present.

Alice Scutchey - PA American Express - Canary Wharf

Alice Scutchey is a Senior PA with over 14 years experience in business administration. She currently works at American Express GBT supporting the Chief Operating Officer. She is passionate about helping other PA’s & EA’s grow so in February 2019, founded The Canary Wharf PA Club where members can attend weekly training and networking events. She believes PA’s should have a clear path of progression and equal opportunities to fulfil their career ambitions. Alice is married with two children and lives in Kent. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family and taking part in fundraising challenges, most recently completing the Brighton Marathon in April last year. Alice is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and keen speaker so uses this to tell her story, champion women and promote the PA profession.

"It's our responsibility as owners & leaders to not leave anyone fighting with one arm tide behind there back"

Stance & Support

Who is in your corner?

A boxer can get away with an imperfect stance for a moment in the ring if they have experience and ability on their side, but it's always better to adapt your stance into a good form to be fully effective.  The same applies to working effectively at home - you will be challenged constantly. Unless you have engineered a system with rules and agreements to adapt to these new challenges, this period of remote working will start to take a toll. 

Many people have been compromised by having to carry out their role from the confines of their home, which consists of many factors that you need to be aligned to. My aim is to coach you as a business owner, team member or individual to learn how to recognise the pitfalls and benefits of working from home.  This will enable you to design your own system to work more effectively, reducing friction so that you can get more work done in less time.

Nobody should be left fighting with one arm tied behind their back. I hope to provide  leadership and support to help you shift and get back on your toes, fighting fit during this time where the rules have been changed

Ash Preston - Digital Marketing Consultant

Ash is stranded in Bangkok with his fiancée, developing his business and working with clients in the UK despite being unexpectedly forced to work away from home in a different time zone. Our “20 minute tips” videos will give you some surprisingly simple ways to help you overcome the significant challenges raised by working remotely.
"If your expectations are no longer being met you can easily become conflicted and feel like you are sinking"


Source of the pain.

When there's conflict there's always pain, in the physical or mental form. How long you think something should take versus how long it actually takes, is nothing more than a conflicting view.  If your expectations are no longer being met you can easily become conflicted and feel pain, soon feeling like you’re sinking.  

When you feel pain in your new situation, do understand where the conflict is? You can correct and align when you understand the source of the pain - just like a detective sniffing out the culprit to a crime. Try recording any “pains” you experience on a daily basis, then you can delve into these situations and reveal the conflict that caused it. There are so many factors that can have an impact when working from home, and they’re not all obvious such as screaming kids, a bad work chair, low lighting or technical support. There are hidden factors like guilt and expectations of your family that you wouldn't have experienced at work. 

Being open and honest with yourself will reveal areas you can address to shift and align, or accept, in order to help you relieve yourself from conflicting expectations and suffering that negatively impact performance and energy levels.

"Keeping your hands up may have been fine in the office but now you may have a kick in the crown jewels coming that you never anticipated before"

shift & align

or suffer

Making a shift in how you operate is key in being successful at your new way of working.  Take time to discover what needs to be changed and make the change so you are fully aligned and holding a new stance in how you operate.  Failing to shift can lead to further pain as you will not be prepared to attack your work fully or defend effectively against outside influences - just like a boxer when an opponent moves or changes the way they attack.  Keeping your hands up may have been fine in the office but now you may have a kick in the crown jewels coming that you never anticipated before, which ultimately reduces your efficiency and leads to more stress. This may be in the form of your children demanding attention now they’re not at school, or a parent needing you to do their grocery shopping.

Taking time to really unpack how you will work, when, on what tasks, and when you’ll be able to take breaks through trialling and testing is how you will unpack a style and system that works best for you. Although your business may provide a support system, you may find that there is a hole that allows you and your circumstances to slip through unchecked. This is where finding an approach that works for you or your team is vital to ensure the business continues to thrive.



Coaching with Mat helped me gain much more confidence. I learn't that I am capable of anything!

What worked well was the encouragement I got and what had the most impact on me and the business was having the confidence to start recording videos to promote my business online.


Taking time to really unpack how you will work,  when,  doing what tasks and taking what breaks as well as trialing and testing is how you will soon unpack your style and system.   Although your business may provide a system you may find that there is a hole in it that 

Coaching helped me regain my confidence and get back doing my job when before I started doing the coaching I couldn't even get out of my bed.What I learnt that I was a lot more accomplished person than I ever thought I was.

Business & Personal Coach
Mat Jeffery

Lives in Kent with his family and is the owner and partner in various business involved in Lift Engineering and Life Engineering. Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal Coaching and also supports in his community as a volunteer through his Charity.

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