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Coaching with Mat helped to build my confidence, bring out the best in me, give me clear direction for the future and ultimately improved my mental health.

The coaching opened up a side to me that I hadn't given thought to previously. It taught me to accept my insecurities and use them to build on being a better person in business and in my private life.

What worked well was identifying specific processes and putting them into an everyday useable tool, I was able to focus on doing the right thing and manage my time and thoughts efficiently.

The most impact to my life and the business was boosting my confidence & ability to speak out and be more assertive. This has helped me within the business massively.

Coaching with Mat was Useful, effective, efficient, fun, eye-opening and put a spring in my step, a new clear direction for the future and an ability to get the most out of my opportunities.

Thanks Mat, you've really made a difference here!

Jane Bagust Sales & Operations Manager

J&E Lifts


Coaching with Mat helped me gain much more confidence. I learn't that I am capable of anything!

What worked well was the encouragement I got and what had the most impact on me and the business was having the confidence to start recording videos to promote my business online.

Some words to describe coaching with Mat are fun, Encouragement, unpacking, happy, enjoyable

I will take away from this is the fact I can do anything I set my mind to!

Shout out to mat always!

Martin Ling Football Manager

1:1 Personal & Business Coaching


Coaching helped me regain my confidence and get back doing my job when before I started doing the coaching I couldn't even get out of my bed.What I learnt that I was a lot more accomplished person than I ever thought I was.

What worked well was a lot of the process that worked well but think the most important part was the tasks I was given that got me upwardly mobile again.

What had the most impact I believe it was the task based exercises I was given that got me upwardly mobile again but once done gave me the confidence and belief in myself again.

Some words to describe coaching with Mat are Confidence, Belief, Enlightening, Discovery & Core Beliefs

I will take away that the mind is an unbelievable complex piece of equipment but if you train it right it can be of great advantage in your daily living.

Mat and his mind Coaching changed my life for the better when I first met Mat I was in a deep depression but his methods helped me enormously and gave me my confidence back and get back functioning in the real world. When I first was approached about brain training I was very sceptical but I'm so glad I did go with it because the help it gave me was unbelievable.

Neil Jeffery Lift Engineer

1:1 Personal Coaching


The coaching sessions with Mat helped me realise that a lot of my issues are stories I write in my head, which I can change or ignore. I was helped to realise that I can move away from relationships that are toxic, and still keep them and be myself. And finally, I'm learning to love myself more, and except who I am.

I learn't that I'm not the only person that has these kind of issues, in fact everyone does. I also became more aware of my ability to stop and even prevent my mind going down dark paths.

What worked well was the one to one meeting helped, and the Skype calls left me feeling free to share but also be comfortable with my surroundings.

The things that had the most impact on my life was learning about how my past has affected me now, and how to change my perception of relationships I have.

Some words to describe coaching with Mat are Comfortable, Insightful, nerving (sometimes), rewarding and hopeful.

I take away a better understanding of myself and how I see other's. And abilities to help me keep my head above water when I feel alone and drowning.

Mat Heaney Game Designer

Red Sneaker Gaming


Before I started the coaching sessions, my business wasn't really going anywhere. I've been trying to get the business up-and-going for years, and I was really questioning it was possible to achieve success in my business. Coaching has helped me break down my mindset towards running my business, providing the platform to identify my weaknesses, therefore giving me a great starting point on areas to improve. As each of these weaknesses were broken down further, I was able to develop a strong mindset towards running my business. I am now in a much, much stronger position to find success in the incredibly competitive world that is developing for the iPhone App Store
I learnt that determination, motivation and belief are the key to success. I've been trying to get my iPhone game development company off the ground for years, and have been knocked back several time. With each knock back, my motivation and belief dropped, and so did the quality of my work. After my sessions with Mat, that belief is back, my motivation is greater than ever, and my standard of work has gone through the roof. I'm looking forward to the future of my business, and that wouldn't have been the case without the belief the sessions with Mat help build. The potential is in all of us, we've just got to find out how to unlock it. Thanks to coaching, I now have the knowledge and experience of years of failing, but now combined the same belief and excitement I had on the first day in the business.
What worked well was a combination of skills and tools that have changed my outlook on work. One in particle looked at the benefits of working, and the consequences of not working. When using the tool, it's easy to mix up exactly why you're working (whether you're working towards what you want, or working away from what you don't want), which keeps the essential motivation fresh.

Whats had the most impact in my life & business is through everything, it's the belief that what we are striving for is getable. I'm still working towards success in my business, but with the belief that I can take my company to a higher level, I can already feel it starting to happen. There's a difference between wanting to be a success and believing in that success, and sessions with Mat have made me realise that, and are unlocking my potential.
Words I would describe coaching with Mat are Mindset Development, Believing, Potential Unlocking
I will you take away from this that our mindset and approach to what we want to do can have weaknesses, but my identifying and breaking down those weaknesses, it's possible to improve these weaknesses. Anything is possible, you just have to know the tools to make it happen. Coaching is this tool, and with what coaching offers, it's feels like anything is possible.
I was a bit unsure about coaching at first, and honestly, I only tried a session with Mat because I had a free morning and was given the opportunity. However, I am so glad I began and continued with the sessions. I feel like a different person now compared to when I started the coaching sessions, and I firmly believe these sessions have changed the future of my business and of my life for the better.

Heather Thomas -Pugh

Sheppey Matters Community Development & Project Manager


Coaching with Mat helped me as working on so many local projects I find sometimes that there are blurred edges with little clarity. Mat managed to unlock this problem.

I learnt about myself was that I must utilise everyone's support and help. That I'm not in this boat alone.!

What worked well was Mat managed to open up my brain and all my thoughts came tumbling out. He managed to succinctly co-ordinate these into a strategic pattern that until then had just been thoughts and ideas.

What had the most impact on my life or business was that I was able to confidently work towards my strategic goal

Words to describe coaching with Mat are thought provoking; balanced; effective; energetic; solving

I will take away from this that business coaching can have real advantages for focusing attention on important issues.