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#005 – Mason Anthony Dyson Roberts – MMA – Mindset & Fear Boxing and Letting go.

We discuss subjects from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Mindset and Fear as well as other subjects linked to Life Engineering. Mason opens and talk about fear and subjects that he has worked on since developing as Life Coach. We discuss his career as professional fighter and the components within systems of growing and developing ourselves and how they relate to the science of fighting…………….Guest Links

wellbeinghttps://projectmindwork.com/1:1 Coachinghttp://londonslifecoach.co.uk/Kickstart to wellness programmehttps://app.involve.me/londons-life-c…

Mat Jeffery

Lives in Kent with his family and is the owner and partner in various business involved in Lift Engineering and Life Engineering. Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal coaching and also supports in his community as a volunteer through his Charity.

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