I was born and bred in Kent, England where I still live today with my wife and two children.  

After leaving school I joined the family business and entered into a career in the lift industry.  This career choice was by default rather than design.  I trained as an engineer and found myself developing through design, sales and project management roles.  After a period working with a major lift company I ventured out on my own, developing my own businesses in both lifts and life engineering. My journey into the world of personal development began some 15 years ago following my introduction to business and personal development training  courses.  I couldn't get enough of them.  I began reading books and attending courses in my own time, to 'fill my cup' with a better understanding about how the mind works, and the tips and tools we can use to improve our state of mind.   These tips and tools have enabled me to create, what I call "Engineering a Life & Mindset by Design" and assist me in "Coaching for True Colours".  Part of this process found me working and setting up a group within the community where I live and I was given a scholarship with The Coaching Academy, which allowed me to complete a Personal Coaching Diploma.

I started to find ways to 'unpack' more of me and exercise a growth mindset.  With this insight my creativity began to stand out as a leading skill.  This helped to design and link mindset analogies to various things such as engineering,  gardening and boxing.  I use this in my practice today to create links which help others gain the insights to get the best out of life.  With a love of nature and the outdoors, I can often be found putting on my hiking boots and heading out for an early morning walk.  I like to keep fit, I love running and have a passion for the science of boxing.  In 2017, I faced one of my biggest challenges yet by competing in a white collar boxing event which also helped to raise money for a local charity.  As part of engineering my life by design, I am fully utilising my skills as a 1:1 Personal and Business Coach. I am also developing workshops to help others 'unpack' purpose and align themselves and their teams to create and develop a wonderful life and a mindset by design. This can be as big as building a business or as small as engineering the 'goal of a giggle' into your life more.