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#006 – Beverly Nolker – ADHD Sheppey, Mindset

We talk about ADHD, having an open #mindset, being honest with yourself and #aligning to our natural energy. Bev shares her struggle with coming to terms with her Sons ADHD diagnosis and concinquesncly her own diagnosis and how they engineered change to habits and systems to make life work more by design. Guest Links @



 #005 - Mason Anthony Dyson Roberts - MMA - Mindset & Fear

Boxing and Letting go.

We discuss subjects from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Mindset and Fear as well as other subjects linked to Life Engineering. Mason opens and talk about fear and subjects that he has worked on since developing as Life Coach. We discuss his career as professional fighter and the components within systems of growing and developing ourselves and how they relate to the science of fighting................Guest Links

wellbeinghttps://projectmindwork.com/1:1 Coachinghttp://londonslifecoach.co.uk/Kickstart to wellness programmehttps://app.involve.me/londons-life-c...

#004 - Yainni Geordiades - PTSD, Boxing and Letting go.

Check out this week’s podcast with local Sheppey’s Yainni Georgiades. We discuss everything from PTSD, Boxing and letting go. Yainni shares his background in the army and serving at the age of 18 and the following consequence of dealing with PTSD. We chat about the links with boxing and life and how we can shift the principles from one into the other to help us see a way out of a corner and smashing life. He opens up and shares about the vulnerability of deep work on the self and how letting go eventually helped him get back to a better mind and life by design.

#003 - Anna Challacombe - Yoga, self-care and happiness

Check out this week’s podcast with Anna Challacombe. We discuss everything from Yoga, Self-care and happiness. Anna is an advocate of holistic therapy and runs retreats and products to support this. We discuss links to life and yoga and Anna shares some tips and routines she uses to keep a mind and lifestyle by design vs one of default. Find Anna @ https://blisscloud.org/ https://www.facebook.com/anna.k.chall...

#002 - Joe Francis - Life, Mindset, happiness and links to Cultivating a life & garden by design. 

Check out this week’s podcast with Joe Francis. We discuss links with life design vs garden design, mindset and the narrative of mind. Joe opens and talks about areas of life that he’s rolled up his sleeves (so to speak) and worked on. We talk about how cultivating and garden by design link to the science of life has with as mindset and life. We touch on systems and habits that help us to do that.Find Joe at - https://gardensforgood.co.uk/

#001 - Zoe Jones - Previous Coaching Client

In this episode he speaks with Zoe a previous coaching client. They talk about Coaching and how it's helped her shift perceived weakness's into strengths and super powers as well as a wide range of topics around mindset and personal growth.


Ever tried coaching for business or persoanal?


Business & Personal Coach
Mat Jeffery

Lives in Kent with his family and is the owner and partner in various business involved in Lift Engineering and Life Engineering. Coaching has been a natural progression through work he has done on himself and he splits his time with Business and Personal Coaching and also supports in his community as a volunteer through his Charity.

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Working on myself and with clients I've noticed some common links that appear,

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